About us

About us

The production, trade and service Suckert company is the polish producer of replacement parts for heavy-loaded trucks. Our history dates back to the 50s of the XX century. Today, our products are recognised all over the world and we deliver them to the largest wholesalers from Poland, Europe, and the world.

Our suppliers are the leading steel producers that meet all European rules. Because of that, we use only proven and specifically the best cast of steel during our production processes.

The perennial history and attention to the details allowed us to be among the leaders of spring U-bolts producers. Our products are available in numerous distribution networks, are exported to Asia, North America, and meet all customer expectations.

Despite complex production and high quality requirements, we are able to produce any spring U-bolts, from these dedicated to pick-up cars to these for trucks, trailers and special vehicles. Each year 200 tons of the ready commodity leaves our company.

Our History


In Poland the post-war period was the time of the lack of exactly everything. After the liberation from the Mauthausen concentration camp and the termination of treatment Tadeusz Suckert decided to come back to Poland and start new business- the trucktransport. He managed to gain American trucks. After a short time, it turned out that truck replacement parts are the biggest problem. That is how the production process started. Tadeusz bought the first lathe, milling machine, press… He started to employ more and more professionals. The ‘Suckert’ company was created. The offer of services and goods was constantly growing. After 10 years Tadeusz created the parts warehouse, where the goods for Star and Jelcz cars are the mainassortment.


In the 1980sof the XX century, the Suckert family created the second company, the owner was Mariusz Suckert-Tadeusz’s son. Both gentlemen dealt with replacement parts for the trucks. The machine park was growing, and new machines for machining, mechanical working, and abrasive machining appeared.


In the early 1990s, both companies were connected into one ‘P.W.Suckert’. The new company was growing at an extremely rapid rate: there were 130 employees and the monthly turnover is greater than 40 tons. The company offeredproducts for Star, Jelcz, Mercedes,Liaz and for semi-trailer axles, including U-bolts for springs, nuts, pins, screws and bolts. Additionally, wide-usefasteners were produced. At this time it was the only company in Świętokrzyskie voivodeship that owned the hardening plant with pit and induction furnaces.

2000 - 2012

The turn of the XX and XXI century posed challenges for companies. This was the time of economic reform and increased import of goods from Asia. All these factors forced the company to make changes. The machine park, staff and offered assortment had to be significantly reduced. Additionally, there was a problem with steel access, as a consequence monthly deliveries decreased by more than 50 %. Finally, P. W. Suckert had to go through the reform. The company was closed for a few months, but in the same year it resumed business as the “PPHU Telma” company, which was managed only by Mariusz Suckert. This was the time of rebuilding the market position and production start in the completely new location, with the limited machine park and staff. Thanks to brave moves, the company started to revive again. In this time U-bolts for spring and studs were the main part of the assortments.

2012 - 2020

In 2012 the new company ‘PPHU Suckert’ completely took over “PPHU Telma” company. Tomasz Suckert, Mariusz’s son, was the owner of the new company. From the beginning, both gentlemen tried to find new customers and trade areas. After quite a short time, it occurred that the number of orders is too large for the possibilities of the company, which finally decided to take a new direction-U-bolts for springs. Thanks to enormous experience, PPHU Suckert has been, since that time, the leader of U-bolts production. Between 2012 and 2020 the company was significantly developed, the machine park was replaced and modernised, and new customers were gained.

2020 - 2023

Today, PPHU Suckert is still a family company, which produces mainly U-bolts for spring-it is 80-90% of the total production. We are able to produce more than 20 tons of ready assortment each month, which means that it is more than 200 tons. Our products are available in more than 20 countries around the world and we deliver them to the top European distributors. Additionally, our products were used repeatedly for the first assembly by the trailer and semi-trailer manufacturers.

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