It is with great pride that we can present you the tensile test results we managed to obtain while breaking samples from the SCK Blue Line series.U1, U2, U3… – these are the results obtained by top European and global manufacturersS1, S2, S3… – samples randomly selected fro

PPHU Suckert introduces a new series of products to its offer.Blue Line – spring stirrups with improved mechanical properties.By selecting the appropriate steel grade and using modern technological solutions, we can offer you unrivaled goods. Nowadays, SCK Blue Line stirrups have ach

We inform you about the planned holiday break. In the holiday season 2023, the PPHU Suckert production plant will be closed for the period 07/24/2023-08/04/2023 Due to the planned break, we ask for thoughtful orders. When ordering, please take into account: 1. Extended lead time for orders

Due to the launch of a new website on our own domain, we would like to inform you about the change of e-mail address. The current address for correspondence is: Please change the address to a new one in your contact inbox

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