Holiday break

We inform you about the planned holiday break.

In the holiday season 2023, the PPHU Suckert production plant will be closed for the period


Due to the planned break, we ask for thoughtful orders.

When ordering, please take into account:

1. Extended lead time for orders before the holidays – we anticipate that from the 24th week the lead time will be gradually extended.

2. Extended deadline for order fulfillment after holidays

3. The deadline for placing orders so that they are completed before the holiday.

In order to ensure that orders are fulfilled before the holidays, we need to set a deadline for placing orders.

All orders placed before

June 19, 2023

They will be completed before the holiday break.

Orders placed after June 19, 2023 will be processed in the order in which they were received (oldest first). In this case, we cannot guarantee delivery before the holidays, but we will try.

After the holiday break, we will return to fulfilling orders in accordance with the previous rules.

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